AAAA Aerial Application Pilots’ Code Of Conduct

“Upon the performance of each rests the fate of all”

1. Safety

  1. I will conduct all operations to ensure the safety of myself, others and the aircraft I am operating. I will keep safety as the number one priority and ensure others around me do so as well. I will be aware of my limitations and build in adequate buffers where necessary to ensure all operations are safe. I will plan operations to remove as much risk as possible. This means adhering strictly to the regulations laid down by CASA and in the Operations Manual.
  2. I will ensure, at all times while on duty as a professional pilot, that I am not affected by alcohol or drugs and that I am in a fit and proper physical condition to be operating an aircraft. I am aware of the effects of alcohol, drugs and of fatigue on flying skills. I understand it is important to be fit and healthy when reporting for duty.

2. Professionalism

  1. I commit to the aerial application industry and will do nothing to bring the industry into disrepute. I realise I am part of an industry that is constantly under scrutiny and that all my actions must be above reproach. I am aware that the media is constantly after controversy and that professional, skillful flying is all that they should ever see.
  2. I will ensure that all my efforts as a professional pilot are aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for my client, my employer and my industry at large. I understand that I am part of a larger team and that my actions affect others around me.
  3. I will conduct myself at all times so as to demonstrate to clients, employers and the public that I am a professional pilot with high standards.
  4. I am aware that unauthorized activities such as beatups, unnecessary low flying and poor airmanship can create a poor image for the whole industry. I will fly to the job, do the job and fly home.
  5. I commit to the highest standards of airmanship. I will prepare myself and plan for each flight to remove as much risk as possible. I will make every reasonable effort to familiarise myself with local flying requirements and relevant local information. I will fly neighbourly, ferry as high as is reasonable and avoid sensitive areas wherever practical. I will present for work suitably dressed, including suitable personal protection equipment including a flight helmet. I will care for whatever aircraft I am flying and equipment I am using as if I owned it and as if I was liable for its repair, maintenance and value.
  6. I will ensure that at all times I conduct myself with honesty and integrity. All my dealings as a professional pilot will be open and honest and I will encourage this in others as well
  7. I commit to a program of continuing to improve my knowledge and skills within the aviation industry. I understand that to maintain my status as a professional pilot I need to continue to improve myself and help to educate those around me. Junior pilots are the future and I will endeavour to assist them in gaining knowledge. I will especially keep abreast of chemical issues, drift science and environmental protection issues.
  8. I commit to environmental awareness and the responsible use of all pesticides. I understand that adverse environmental impact, harm to non-target crops or contamination of livestock threatens the survival of the industry. I will strive to understand the actions of all pesticides I use and their potential environmental impact outside the target area. I will always follow label directions. I will strive to maximise pesticide effectiveness on the target, while minimising off target drift.

3. Compliance

  1. I will ensure that I understand the law as it applies to me. I will make genuine efforts to identify relevant laws and what they require of me. If I move from one area to another, I will ensure I am aware of any changes to law across jurisdictions.
  2. I will always conduct all operations in accordance with the relevant laws. Relevant laws may include aviation (CASA), incident/accident reporting (ATSB), environmental protection and chemical control of use.