Join the Aerial Application Association of Australia


If you want to become a member of the AAAA, please print out the Membership Application form.

There are three levels of membership: Operator, Pilot and Associate.

Persons applying for membership of AAAA must be able to provide evidence of some acceptable connection with the industry, for example as operator, pilot, engineer, staff, trainee or trade.

If you hold an AOC, you can ONLY apply for Operator membership. There are no exceptions to this rule.

There are three levels of Associate membership – Engineers, Trade and General. If you work for a company who provides services to the Aerial Application industry, you can only apply for Associate Trade membership. There are no exceptions to this rule.

All membership applications must be approved by the AAAA Board and meet the requirements for membership.  Applications will only be processed by AAAA if received on the correct application form. These can be sent to: –

PO Box 353

Or fill out the the fillable pdf and email to:

or call 02 6241 2100

AAAA Membership Application Form
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