Media Releases

AAAA regularly issues media releases and participates in interviews to express an opinion on issues relevant to members and the sector.

AAAA can provide expert opinion on a wide range of issues, including seasonal outlooks, agronomy, bushfire fighting, wind turbines, aviation and small business.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a media interview, please contact the AAAA’s office.

Past Media Releases


MR TAAAF Communique 2 Mar 2017
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ASRR Updated Scoresheet Feb 2017
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MR TAAAF Communique 15 Dec 2016
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MR TAAAF Communique 22 July 2016
340.8 KB
MR AAAA CASA Change too slow 22 June 2016
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TAAAF Press Release 28 April 2016
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MR TAAAF Communique 29 Oct 2015
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MR AAAA Name Change Fire Conference 13 Aug 2015
126 KB
MR Aerial Fire Conference for Albury 30 July 2015
122.7 KB
MR TAAAF Communique 23 July 2015
129.5 KB
MR CASA Cost Recovery 2 April 2015
59.4 KB

Fact Sheets

AAAA has produced a series of fact sheets for media and the public to understand the industry better and to see the wide diversity of operations undertaken by aerial application companies and pilots.