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Being a AAAA Member Saves You Money!

If you intend making aerial application your career, becoming a pilot member of AAAA will save you money in addition to a wide range of other benefits.

Simply download and complete the ‘AAAA Membership Application Form’. Send it along with your order and payment forms for manuals or exams. Pilot membership costs just $220 per year and significantly reduces the prices on manuals, examinations and attendance at AAAA events like the National Convention.

Please note that all membership applications must be approved by the AAAA Board and meet the requirements for membership.

AAAA Aerial Application Pilots Manual

This 268 page full colour joint venture between AAAA and CASA is the most up-to-date manual for aerial application flying. It is the primary study material for the CASA Application Rating Examination.

Incorporating a significant focus on safety systems and human factors relevant to the single seat, hazard rich aerial application environment, the manual brings together the best research and safety insights from around the world, including gracious contributions from Dr Tony Kern (author of Redefining Airmanship and others) and other leading aviation safety thinkers. The manual also features comprehensive case studies from the files of the ATSB and a range of very practical advice developed over decades or aerial application operations.

AAAA plays no part in administering the CASA examinations for the issuing of an Application Rating. You should read the relevant CASA website page for the full syllabus and list of study materials and discuss sitting the CASA Agricultural Rating examination with the aerial application training provider. The relevant CASA web pages are:  CASA Application Rating Page Aeroplane and  CASA Application Rating Page Helicopter

Spraysafe Manual

This 434 page manual is the primary study material for  both the Spraysafe Pilot’s examination and the Spraysafe Loader / Mixer’s examination.

EDITION 2, 2019  Manual & Order Form to 31.03.2025 An invoice will be issued when the form is received.


Spraysafe pilot accreditation is the de facto national standard for competence in aerial application in combination with a CASA issued application rating.

Successful completion of the examination will give pilots an accreditation certificate which they can then provide with their chemical distribution licence application as evidence that they have the required competencies.

Manual & Order Form to 31.03.2025  An invoice will be issued when the form is received.

Allow Adequate Time for your Examination Order, Postage, Return, Marking, Certificate Issue AND State Licencing!

Don’t leave your examination order to the last minute! As a professional, you will have known for some time about the requirement to sit a AAAA Spraysafe examination to get accredited and then apply to the relevant State/Territory licensing body for a chemical distribution licence.

Please allow three weeks from the time of your order to the time of issuing your Spraysafe certificate. If you fail to pass the examination, you will be required to have further study time before resitting. There will also be additional time required for your application to the relevant State licencing authority to be processed as well.

Spraysafe Pilot Examination

The Spraysafe pilot examination is a 3 hour, open book examination that must be externally supervised. The examination has a pass mark of 75%.

Spraysafe pilot accreditation has a life of three years, during which time the pilot can either participate in the AAAA Professional Pilot Program (PPP) and accumulate acceptable education credits, or the pilot can resit the examination before the expiry of their accreditation. Pilots should note that if they do not maintain their Spraysafe accreditation, they may be in breach of their chemical distribution licence conditions.

In completing the order form, you must name the supervisor who must be acceptable to AAAA and provide their direct mail and phone contact details.

Acceptable supervisors include:

  • your application training provider (CASA approved Examiner)
  • a CASA approved flight training school
  • an officer of a State agency such as the Department of Primary Industry or EPA

Please allow adequate time for your examination to be posted out to the supervisor. It is then up to you to organise a time to sit the examination that is acceptable to both you and your examiner.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the need to maintain State/Territory approval of the Spraysafe accreditation and to ensure the security and robustness of the examination process, AAAA will not provide electronic copies or fax copies of the examination.  Exams and manuals are only available in Australia and will not be sent overseas.


The same Spraysafe manual (version 2, 2019) is also used by Loader / Mixers. On page 4 there is a list of chapters the Loader / Mixers read.

Additional information for loader/mixers is available to AAAA members including a ‘Guide to Loader/Mixing’ and a training video on the ‘Principles of Loader/Mixing’.

Spraysafe Loader/Mixer Examination

Spraysafe accreditation for Loader/Mixers is a mandatory requirement for all Spraysafe accredited business owners. The examination is a two hour, open book examination with a pass mark of 75%.

The Spraysafe loader/mixer examination can be supervised in the workplace by the business owner as it is part of their workplace health and safety responsibilities.

Manual & Order Form to 31.03.2025

PISC Spray Drift Management Principles, Strategies and Supporting Information

In 2002 the Commonwealth, State and Territories Primary Industries Standing Committee commissioned the University of Queensland Centre for Pesticide Application Safety – CPAS – to prepare this 70 page booklet. While much of the material is a direct ‘lift’ from the AAAA Spraysafe Pilot Manual – also written by CPAS – there is additional useful information, particularly on strategies for managing spraydrift – all of which is standard practice in aerial application.

The booklet is available online from CSIRO Publishing: PISC Spray Drift Management


Drone/UAS/RPAS Operators Please Note: AAAA does not provide manuals or accreditations to companies or individuals involved only with drone/UAS/RPAS operators. Contact your drone association for assistance.