Operator Membership Payments

Operator members can remit subscriptions in one of two ways.

Based on Turnover (preferred option)

Operator members can remit subcription payments to the Association based on 0.4% of gross turnover for aerial application work including firebombing.

To accommodate the broad range of the size of operators within this industry a minimum payment of $1,280 and a maximum cap of $19,200 are in place. These amounts are inclusive of GST, are annual amounts and are current for the 1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012 year. Both the minimum and maximum payment limits are indexed each year at CPI based on the original limits. To assist members with these calculations, a  Subscription Calculation Form guides the operator through the calculation and enables the AAAA’s office to keep track of the period for which subs have been paid be it monthly, quarterly or annually,

To be a full financial member and earn a ‘gold star’ at the Convention so your peers can see that you have been genuine in your subscription payment, Operator members must also complete an annual Operator Subscription Reconciliation Form for a twelve month period in order to verify turnover and subscription amounts paid to the Association.

An operator will not be considered a member of the Association unless the Subscription Reconciliation Form is signed by their accountant and all monies owed are paid in full for each twelve month period.

Based on Aircraft and Capacity

If the conditions of the preferred option above are not met the Association will assess the company on the number of aircraft owned using the following scale, and deem the operator to not be a member until the assessment is paid in full for the current year. Operators should note that no ‘cap’ is in place for this option:

  • Aircraft capacity up to 999 litres = $2,500 (GST inclusive)
  • Aircraft capacity 1000 to 1,999 litres litres = $4,900 (GST inclusive)
  • Aircraft capacity 2000 litres and above = $7,000 (GST inclusive)

Pilot Membership Payments

Pilot subscriptions fall due each year from 1 April. Pilot subscriptions are currently  $220 (GST inclusive).

A reminder letter is sent each year to pilots in April.

Associate Members and Trade Members

Associate and trade subscriptions fall due each year from 1 April.

A reminder letter is sent each year to Associate members in April.