AIMS – Aerial Improvement Management System


The demands on aerial application business owners, managers and staff continue to grow.

The key regulators of the industry include:

  • CASA
  • State chemical control of use agencies
  • State WH&S agencies
  • State Dangerous Goods agencies

There is considerable commonality of principle in what these regulators are looking for – a system for risk management, preferably with an independent audit that they can accept – thereby saving their ‘scarce’ resources.

One thing is certain: to meet the demands being placed on them by regulators, clients, client’s neighbours and the wider community, modern aerial application at any level – single aircraft through to multi-aircraft, multi-base operations – should have a business management system that delivers against the following principles:

  • is based on risk management
  • is based on written procedures and methods to manage identified risks
  • is flexible to permit operations to be carried out effectively
  • is capable of growth, learning and constant improvement
  • is transparent to satisfy the needs of regulators
  • promotes greater efficiency and improved profits
  • promotes better quality control of the aerial application product/service
  • promotes greater consistency within the company, including with staff induction, management and procedures
  • features independent audit to provide confidence to regulators for recognition and lighter regulation
  • features a promotional aspect that enables an industry wide positive response to community perceptions

After much consideration of the issues above, consultation with regulators and operators within the industry and client bodies, AAAA has developed the Aerial Improvement Management System – AIMS.

The system has the following features:

  • training for candidates for accreditation, including training on typical business strategy/structures/models that facilitate the AIMS system and vice versa
  • a standard manual that provides templates for common aerial application risks with accompanying procedures etc to manage those risks, and which can easily be added to, tailoring the system specific to a particular operators
  • an integrated safety management system to meet the demands of CASA and WH&S regulators and government clients
  • an integrated quality assurance system to meet the requirements of clients
  • minimum standards or precursors that would have to be met – eg Membership of AAAA, Spraysafe, PPP, training etc
  • independent audit
  • a AAAA supporting management structure for AIMS including accreditation, auditor standards and support material, standards review, complaints and non-compliance handling, promotion, and a recognition program (ie by targeted key regulators and industry groups).

AAAA’s Aerial Improvement Management System – AIMS – delivers against all of the principles, goals and aspirations of those participating in the program and of the expectations and trust of regulators, clients and the wider community.

AIMS Manager

If you are interested in AAAA’s Aerial Improvement Management System – AIMS, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Manager on 02 6241 2100.