Standard Operations Manual for Aerial Application Operations Package

CASA has approved the AAAA Standard Operations Manual (SOM) and it is now available to all aerial applicators to help standardise their operations and simplify approval processes.

Please contact the AAAA office to purchase your AAAA SOM.

There are a number of steps you will need to comply with prior to your SOM being distributed:

  1. Read and understand the terms and conditions that underpin the AAAA SOM. These are available from the AAAA Office.
  2. Print out and sign the terms and conditions
  3. Post the signed terms and conditions and FULL PAYMENT in accordance with the schedule of fees back to the AAAA’s office.

Please include your full contact and postal details and full company name with the application/terms and conditions.  This assists with confidentiality.

Once these criteria have been met, you will be assigned a serial number unique for your Manual. Two copies of your SOM will be mailed together with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All future updates will be emailed to the address provided so it is IMPERATIVE you notify us of any changes.

Instructions on what steps are required by CASA are included in the SOM package.

Schedule of Fees

$3,850 – AAAA Financial Member
$5,170 –  AAAA Financial Pilot Member of 3 years standing wanting to transition
to operator member
$8,800 – Non-members