Col Pay Scholarship

With the generous support of the Pay family, AAAA launched the Col Pay Scholarship in 2009 to encourage new pilots into the aerial application industry. The Scholarship will be awarded to honour the memory of Col and to encourage the same skills and values in up-and-coming ag pilots that Col held dear.

Col Pay was an icon of the Australia aerial application industry. He was a superb pilot, a skilled engineer, a sound manager and a generous family man. Col was a great supporter of AAAA over many years and strongly believed in the need for a professional association to represent the interests of the air ag industry.

Col trained many ag pilots in his role as an ag instructor and Authorised Testing Officer. He was tragically killed in an accident while test flying a new system for firebombing aircraft.

The Scholarship will be awarded to a candidate that has:

  • demonstrated a financial need for assistance
  • preferably previous experience in the industry, for example as a loader/mixer
  • a good attitude, including a strong work ethic
  • aptitude for the industry including a commitment to professionalism, safety and airmanship
  • a long-term commitment to the industry

Candidates will be assessed by a representative of the Pay family and the AAAA Board.

The Scholarship will be to the value of $10,000 of flying training for an ag rating which will be conducted by Pays Pty Ltd. The successful applicant must be able to undertake the training at a time that is convenient to Pays Pty Ltd.

Applications will close on the 30 April each year and will be announced at the AAAA Annual Convention. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview/s as part of the selection criteria. Please complete the application form and return it to

Col Pay Scholarship Application