Clients and Agronomists

AAAA greatly values the very positive relationship we have with our clients and their professional agronomists.

To promote the strength of the triangle of responsibilities and due diligence shared by clients, agronomists and applicators, AAAA has prepared the ‘Agronomists’ Guide to Aerial Application’ – which can be downloaded for free as an E-Book from the link below.

In addition to providing technical detail on aircraft aerodynamics, droplets, coverage and capabilities based on the AAAA’s world-leading ‘Spraysafe’ program, the Guide also provides a useful introduction to legal concepts, human factors and decision-making that are relevant to attaining the best from aircraft for your clients.

A great support manual for students studying for an agronomy qualification, or as a part of ongoing professional development, the manual was developed in conjunction with Crop Consultants Australia.

In addition, AAAA has produced a range of support material for agronomists including checklists.


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